Art of Meredith Miller

About Meredith’s Art

March 23, 1946 - July 2, 2021


Meredith paints in the Impasto style of painting; a thick layering-on technique that piles on paint giving her art a striking 3-D substantiality.  Not only does her art leap from the canvas; it spreads beyond the borders of frame and paint, extending to infinity.  It cannot, and will not, be contained by the false premise of self-imposed spatial limits.


“Ulices haunts antique stores for me, finding these wonderful old frames.  I paint to the end of the canvas, all the way to the frame.  Then I paint over the frame.  Then I paint beyond.  My paintings don’t end.  They spill.” 


Meredith loves to incorporate objects into her paintings.  “One of my favorites was a commission from a lady who rode naked and bareback on her beloved blind horse.  When the horse passed, I was asked to immortalize the precious memory.  I worked the horse’s mane hair into the painting, using it to represent the woman’s own hair blowing in the wind as she rode.”


 “Whenever possible, I work in the materials that are important to the person commissioning a painting.  There was a man on a vision quest on Maui.  A heavy piece of lava fell from the roof of the cave where he sat in ritual.  I worked it into the painting as a spiritual talisman for him.”


Then there is the wealthy manufacturer who’d have her paint the things his company made, as well as the places they wound up, for example, a Valve in Hoover Dam.  And the woman whose “family portrait” consisted of her animals.  “Once, a fellow right here in Vilcabamba found some Incan carvings on his land.  We realized later they might’ve been staged fakes someone had buried on his land.  They were beautiful anyway, so he had me incorporate them into the painting.  I made them levitate.”


“And so it goes,” says Meredith.  “Really, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love having just enough input from my patrons to inspire me.  Then I let my imagination run wild.  Thankfully, they do, too.”

Guests at MonteSueños Retreat Center and BnB are so fortunate to be surrounded by these works of art!

Video about above painting
Video about the above painting