Mission, Vision & Legacy



As MonteSueños continues to flourish, founder Meredith Miller, has a very definite vision for its future.


“I would like to see MonteSueños become a center of holistic, spiritual, cultural, and artistic expression.  Look around – the light changes constantly, as the sun moves across these sacred hills and valleys; there’s a daily rainbow.  What could be better than to have your business symposium, yoga / meditation retreat, traditional medicine class, or concert event here, at MonteSueños?  One’s only limited by one’s imagination.  Its incredible intimacy and self-contained otherworldly beauty can only serve to open one’s personal journey.  And special social occasions?  Here, gods and angels preside over the weddings, honeymoons, baptisms, and dinner parties.”


MonteSueños continues to host world-class musicians in concert, as well as women’s groups, yoga and tai-chi intensives, cooking classes and traditional medicine workshops, the latter often taught by multi-generational arms of the Macas family.  Meredith and the Macas family provide complete custom-designed experiences, from arranging international and in-country flights to airport pick-up and ground transportation.  Every room is elegant and unique.  All meals are prepared fresh and onsite for all dietary needs, with indoor and outdoor facilities for any occasion from class course to wedding celebrations.


“One day, all of this will go to the Macas family,” Meredith says.  “I could not do this alone.  Ulices and his family are my family.  Together, we all make it happen, so it seems only fitting to me that the future of MonteSueños will rest secure in the hands of our conjoined family.  My hope is that we will continue to grow into an international destination, a center for festivals of poetry, literature, and music; healing and restorative arts.  Or just a place to come and fall asleep reading a book, (or writing one!) in a hammock, swinging high above the Valley of Longevity under the watchful eye of Mandango.  MonteSueños means Mountain Dreams.  And there are no bad dreams at MonteSueños.”